Introducing: The Femiio Podcast

Okay so y’all, I have some really really big news:


You have no idea for how long and how many times the Universe has told me through friends, through coaches, through strangers, through random social media posts, that parts of the content I produce and want to produce would be better served in podcast form, and the time to follow that lead is finally here. 

As I look out on this process, I’ve been reflecting on what I know of birthing something, bringing newness into the world. We look at the works others have wrought and we think they just appeared — there was An Idea and then there was The Thing — when in truth, the journey towards manifesting That Thing is usually longer and windier than we’d ever imagine. Not only that, we often expect that once an idea is birthed, it’s Ready. That the growth and change and evolution stops, when really it’s just the middle. Think of the pilot of some of your favorite shows, that one series that took a couple years to find its legs, to come into itself (#ParksAndRec #TheOffice #LiterallyAnyGreatShow), but when it finally did, it was flying — it was magic. Creation is always a process, it’s always changing, and you don’t know when it’s time to release whatever you’ve dreamed into the world until you do.

So here we are, at the birth, the beginning of The Femiio Podcast. I’m nervous, I’m giddy, but above all I’m ready to enter this new platform, to bring you discussions of self-love and dismantling white supremacy in real time, through storytelling, lessons learned, and relatable AF content. Let’s fucking go.

Okay so obviously we had to throw a party to celebrate, amirite?

On October 27th, I will be hosting The Femiio Podcast Launch Party at Queen Bee’s in North Park, where we will record a live taping of the first official episode while sipping on wine, basking in self-love, and just generally enjoying our motherfucking lives, you know what I mean? 

Party starts at 4:30pm, you can buy tickets over on Eventbrite by clicking the button below. I can’t wait to see you there!