Africaboutik Collab 🎉

So I made an Instagram post about Africaboutik and how discovering their brand felt like a refreshing return to my culture and myself, but I had so many more pictures I wanted to share! Since I kind of covered the heartfelt aspect in my Instagram post, let’s talk about the items they sent me and *ways to wear*, because I think that’s important, especially as we start to transition into fall.

I am a firm believer that what you wear says something about you, even if you’re the kind of person that “doesn’t care about fashion”, we see that too. For me, dressing up, but more accurately dressing in a way that feels aligned, is a form of self-love and self-care. It is me tapping into my own creativity, forging space for myself to exist as I want, to be whomever I desire that day, and to inhabit it fully. 

Half Moon Basket Bag

Y’all I am in love with this bag. Like legitimately, I have been searching for a good straw bag for months so I was thrilled to get this guy. I think she’s perfect not only for beach days and Sunday Fundays strolling through farmer’s markets, but I’m pretty sure she can carry well into the evening. I’m itching to pair her with a sleek black dress, an updo, powerful gold hoops, and heels. Can you see it? I’m ready.

Sankofa and Duafe Earrings

Okay so these earrings are incredible because they’re actually pretty weighty. You know when you pick up a pair of earrings and almost accidentally fling them across the room because they weigh .00000001 oz? I was pleasantly surprised by their construction. Plus, such cool shapes! I never thought I’d wear combs as earrings and have them work but I’m super digging the vibe — especially if you’re like me and have been rocking gold hoops for the entire summer (year) and need to bring some newness into the rotation.

Temporary Tattoos

Literally all I want is to wear cheeky bathing suits to the beach and plaster these all over my body. Who’s got a bachelorette to go to? Or really any black girl magic function, like these are perfect to kick up an outfit or give yourself a sexy secret, depending on where you put it 😏. Either way, catch me wearing Mama Africa for the next 3-5 business days.