On Being a Sex Witch ✨

I have been so moved by a recent episode of The Liturgists podcast where they interviewed Sex Witch, Jamie Lee Finch. In it she talks about her own journey from the disembodied, patriarchal, white supremacist tradition of Christianity that most of us were fed into a much more tactical, embodied practice, recognizing the body as holy and her desires as invitations to follow rather than temptations to resist. 

It reminded me of the pieces I’ve written on my own journey of embodiment, and coming to realize that perhaps witches are really just women who refused to cede to The Patriarchy. Perhaps they were and are women who rightfully recognize themselves just as much a part of nature as the trees and the grass, who know to listen to their bodies, who feel no shame in their sexual expression. Perhaps the messages those of us raised in a Christian society received about our bodies being sinful, needing to be crucified or otherwise combatted, being the “devil’s playground” were not only woefully incorrect but also absolutely antithetical to growth of any kind, including the spiritual variety they were intended to foster. 

In that spirit, this week I wanted to re-share two of my favorite writings on this topic. First is “Powerful and Divine”, a piece about the Halloween costume I chose in 2016 where I opted to be a witch in the nontraditional sense — aka sans pointy hat and warty nose — a woman with a deep sense of her own energetic and sensual power, and its connection to the earth/universe's energetic and sensual power. The second is my “Treatise on the Body”, in which I pull out several Bible verses to shine a light on the way this book we’ve revered as holy seems to discuss our bodies which such violent language, thus inflicting literally millennia of damage, and what it might look like to believe that the body is not only good, but also sacred.  

This week I want us to sit with ourselves, particularly with our bodies. To be in them, to listen to them, to make space for them, to meet their desires. Enjoy your selves.

"Powerful and Divine"

"Treatise on the Body"