Dress the Body You Have

So a bitch went HAAM online shopping this week 😛😛😛 Yes ma’am I tore UP that sale section at Forever and Fashion Nova.

As I was scrolling through the virtual racks, I saw a dress on a model and noticed myself go: “Oh that girl looks cute in that, let me put it in my cart!”

Now pay attention. 

I didn’t say “Oh think I would look cute in that”, I said “Oh this other person, with a whole different body, looks cute in that, LET ME BUY IT.”

Let me buy a dress.

For a body I don’t have.

And will never possess.

See how wild that is when you break it down? But how many times have we done that? We saw a girl look cute once in an A-line mini skirt and we said, “I need to get an A-line mini skirt!” Or we saw a girl look cute in a halter top and we were like “I need to get a halter top!” Completely disregarding what our particular set of hips or shoulders might have to say about the matter.

Not every-thing is for every-body and that’s okay. It’s beyond okay, it’s beautiful, it’s on purpose, it’s intentional. Your body, like mine, is one of a kind, and it is each of our jobs to take stock of, be present with, and love the body we have — shopping with it in mind is part of that process. 

By the way, buying clothes for a body you think you’ll have in six months when you finally stick to your workout regimen and start eating healthier is just as silly as buying clothes for a body that belongs to someone else. Sure, work towards getting healthier, getting more toned, getting strong, but while you’re doing it, love the body you have now. Be present with the body you have now. First of all you don’t actually know what your body will look like in six months, second of all, buying something for a “future body” usually only results in shame as you watch it hang lifelessly in your closet, a daily reminder of the goal you didn’t reach (and maybe was unattainable in the first place). 


Dress the body you have — it is good, it is miraculous, it is sexy, it is powerful, and most importantly, it is HERE.