Mid-Year Check In

So how we doing with this year everyone? How’s 2019 treating y’all? Everything going precisely as planned? *NO* unexpected turns, zero curve balls, we’re all exactly where we thought we’d be at the just-past-halfway point?

Cool, same same. 

Also, glad we’re all telling ourselves the same lie. 

I don’t know about you but it feels like 2019’s mission so far has been to bring us low, to humble us, to break us free of any preconceived notions of who we were, what we wanted, and how we might achieve it. Giving us the opportunity to exercise the muscle of gratitude while plan after plan seem to unravel around us. Balancing our egos. 

I do think though, that this is a necessary component for growth, for leveling up, for receiving the things that we have asked for. To be made humble is part of the preparatory process. It makes me think of when you’re trying to lift or transport something heavy, how it helps to keep a low center of gravity, to keep close to the ground, because that way the earth can carry the weight with you. I think that’s how humility works to ready us, not so we’re crushed, but so we can carry the weight of what we’ve asked for. Because money, love, success, wisdom… these things are energetically heavy — we need not only to get strong enough to hold them, we need to get low enough as well.

The bummer is that doesn’t feel good. To be stripped of one’s own inflated sense of self-importance can feel like crushing blow after crushing blow. It can feel like incompetence, it can feel like loss of direction, it can feel like confusion and frustration, it can feel like being stuck, it can feel like inefficacy. 

But while we’re being reminded that we might lack power over, we’re also being given opportunities to exercise power from within — the power of the self, the power of choice and autonomy. When shit goes left we get to decide how we want to perceive it. Whether we want to look for things to be grateful for or things to be mad about. Whether we want to look at loss as subtraction or addition by subtraction. 

So I mean. Hang in there I guess. If you are also finding yourself being humbled by this year, take heart and please don’t sink into the lie of powerlessness. You have choices every minute, every moment, that have influence over your environment. You have power to change and to be. And we still have 5 ½ months left. ✨