Why You Should Take A Deep Breath Right Now


When I was in Santa Cruz last weekend, a friend of mine sat next to me at dinner and told me to take a deep breath. “Feels good right?”, he asked. 


It’s unique to me how often we forget to breathe. Or how much we can get done utilizing a fraction of our lung capacity. And then you take a deep breath and it’s like an entire reset. A slam on the “I’m ALIVE” button. Bonus points if you get to take that deep breath in cold air next to a tree or a river or some pretty rocks. “I am alive and so is everything else — all living things are made of the same stuff.” All of a sudden you feel connected, grounded, present. 


It’s so easy to forget to breathe but when you get a chance, when you remember to slow down for a second, whether you find yourself in the beauty of Big Sur or an office cubicle, take it. I promise it will feel good.