Letting Go of the Result

Wooo girl we are so concerned with results aren’t we? We want to make sure the time we put into dating ends in a relationship and the time we put into that relationship ends in a marriage. We want to make sure the money we’ve invested yields profit. The connections we make bring in business opportunities. The emails we send garner interest — we want tHE ENDS OF THINGS TO BE THE THING WE WANTED. 

And that shit makes sense, of course if you put five years of work and love into a relationship, you want to see that shit move towards marriage (if marriage is something you desire for your own life). Of course if you spent months putting together a proposal for the shareholders, you want them to reinvest in your company for another year (that’s how business works right?) We want our work and energy to yield money, opportunities, business, a return of some sort.

But what I've been thinking about lately is instead of focusing on the result, what if we were more concerned with what we’re putting in? Because the results will come. In the equation 2+2 = 4, the most integral parts are the 2 and the other 2. The 4 just showed up, but without those twos, we literally would have nothing. Same concept goes if you’re boiling a pot of water, what are the most important parts? Turning the heat on, filling the pot, and putting it on the stove. The water will boil, that’s what happens when all that other shit’s in place. But without any of that other shit, guess what result you’re not going to get?

Now these are *super* simplified instances, right? It gets a little complex when the results you’re looking for depend on another person, or several people, or thousands of people. Because free will is out here running the streets and we humans are unpredictable. But then, doesn’t detaching from the result and focusing your energy on the input become even more imperative? How are you showing up in that email, in that networking opportunity, in that relationship? What are you putting *in* to the equation? You may not be able to control the output but you can control the input, and if you show up in a way that is authentic, honest, engaged, aligned, and alight, chances are those results you want are going to come rollingggg in. Because you’re there putting in the necessary ingredients, you’re there showing up.

So like, let go of the results, even if it’s just for a second (I know asking for complete detachment in THIS capitalistic society is a reach). For one day, one event, one email, one assignment, focus on what you’re putting in — your talent, your grace, your savvy, your experience, your love, your time, your money, your wisdom, your passion, your energy, your focus. Bring all of yourself into whatever it is you’re doing and I promise you, the result will come.