Top 10 Quotes from Femiio's 2018

  1. ““Be relentless in the pursuit of yourself” — Some Famous Philosopher” — Femi

  2. “When I interact with a man, there’s an entire ocean of conditioning and subliminal messaging informing my actions. And the conditioning that tells me to submit is the same that tells him to assume control.” — Time’s Up

  3. “It’s interesting that without much digging at all, we can soon get to the hearts of each other. Especially because we spend most of our lives convincing ourselves that we are invulnerable. We put up walls and go about our days as though we don’t carry every part of our experience in our bodies and on our faces. But in reality we are all walking vulnerabilities. Completely exposed. Our bodies are soft, our emotions can rise to the surface with little to no prodding. It is at once terrifying and beautiful.” — Intimacy is on the Outside

  4. This Entire Post.

  5. “PRO TIP: YOUR BODY DOESN’T HAVE TO LOOK LIKE ANYTHING. She’s gonna take whatever shape she’s gonna take and it will all be good because she is alive.” — Weight Loss

  6. “The way I see it, this is Life — what are we all doing if not purposefully jumping into uncharted territory all the time?” — Coping with the Unknown

  7. “Get quiet, turn off the tv, set a timer on your phone and then put it away, close your eyes, be still, and focus on your breath. Sit with yourself and see what comes up. You’ll probably feel it in your body first before your mind knows how to name it, and that’s okay. This is an exercise in feeling, not understanding.” - Feel It

  8. “What if all the things you’re ashamed of, all the ways you wish you could be ‘like everybody else’, all the things you call baggage — what if all of that holds the key to your fullest liberation and fulfillment? What if all of that is what bonds you to others, what makes your art resonate or gives your work passion? What if our crosses and our crowns are the same things?” — Crosses and Crowns

  9. “We hear how other people made it and we like to think we can use their lives as roadmaps for our own when the truth is there is no road map. You’re the first and only to live the life you’re living, you just gotta figure it out.” — Now and Not Yet — ‘Jesus and Jollof’ Response

  10. “There really is nothing like using the life you’ve been given to make choices that line up with your values.” — Things You’ll Feel When You Leave Your Desk Job For Your Dream Life