"Black Hands"

Some time ago I wrote a piece called Black Hands. It talks about how racism functions to show Whiteness as the norm, and the way that idea is reinforced in seemingly innocuous ways. When we scroll through our timelines and catch cooking videos with white or light skinned hands, or we see cute pictures of hands holding a cup of coffee, reading a book, or throwing a peace sign to the sky and the hands are white, it reinforces the Normalcy of Whiteness, consequently pushing out the normalcy of everyone else.

One of my friends had the amazing idea to bring these thoughts to life in visual form, and thus we created a photo set, named of course “Black Hands”, centering parts of the black body in ways and spaces we often only see white ones. We used jewelry from Pan & Tea and Black Life Health and Wellness it to create editorial and lifestyle looks, and frankly this shoot felt like one of the most meaningful ones I’ve had to date.

My forever objective is to undermine, expose, and dismantle racism in any form, piece by piece. And that work starts with movements like this — catching the subtle and seemingly harmless ways in which racism is propagated that then translate to pillars of systemic oppression.

If you would like to read more about that, you can find the original Black Hands piece here.

Jewelry: Pan & Tea, Black Life Health and Wellness
Photography: Andrew Ruiz Photography
Models: Femi Olafioye-Omogbehin and Nathalie Kuglen
Styling: Femi Olafioye-Omogbehin
Concept Formulation: Femi Olafioye-Omogbehin and Nathalie Kuglen