#ThriftyThursdays with the Salvation Army and KUSI



Ya favorite bitch was featured on TV last weeeeeeekkkk I know iss CRAZY right, anyway.

I got to go on KUSI morning news and talk about the Salvation Army’s Thrifty Thursdays campaign and a few outfits I put together from stuff I copped at the store!

Essentially what I did was I started with an item that I *LOVED* as in could-not -get-over, and then built the rest of the outfit around it. For example, I used an amazing Africana vest as the focal point for the “Date Night” ‘fit, and then decided to go with an all black, beatnik vibe to support it, pulling elements from black culture as well with the bamboo hoops :).

For the “Chill Summer Vibes” outfit, the focal point was these amazing silk bright purple mom shorts that hit about mid thigh. Because they’re already a lot, I left everything else loose and basic, pairing them with a knit swing crop, a simple turquoise necklace, and woven 80’s slingbacks to complete the throwback vibes.

And then lastly, my “Cool Girl” 'fit featured that leather dad-bomber jacket that I AM OBSESSED WITH and wore for my birthday :))). And I kept it real simple, throwing on a plain white tank, light wash bell bottom jeans, a simple drop necklace, and those Native American inspired silver earrings. She’s ready for her summer indie concert tour.

Anyway here’s the clip, watch out for my tips, and shop at the Salvation Army! It’s lit.