Find Your Tribe - Why I'm Grateful for Brunch2Bomb

Today’s inspiration is going to be a little different. I want to talk about the kind of inspiration that comes out of getting to be around like-minded, creative, hype, dope ass people. AKA finding your tribe.

A lot of you know my story; the reason why I started creating and writing and sharing is because for most of my life I didn’t see anyone like me in a way that wasn't caricatured. The representation of black people in the space — that is, in movies, TV, magazines, books, our social sphere — was next to non-existent. Black women in particular were often the sassy sidekick, the best friend, the loud and/or ghetto counterpart. And not seeing myself, not being able to see my reflection in the stories I loved or even people I was surrounded by proved to be hugely detrimental. I grew up with a HEAVY dose of internalized racism — I mean “only interested if you have blue eyes” levels of internalized racism (I know, it wasn't great). And only in the last few years have I finally been able to begin undoing that. Finding black girl beauty blogs to follow, finding other black women who share similar stories, and finding events like Brunch2Bomb.

Don’t get me wrong, Brunch2Bomb is a party, 100%. That shit is a good goddamn time. But *beyond* that, I celebrate so much when black people find (more likely create) spaces for ourselves where we can be ourselves. There’s ease, there’s lightness, there’s relaxation when you walk into a room and don’t have to explain why your hair is suddenly 10 inches longer than it was yesterday, or nobody’s asking you to teach them how to twerk, or when “Everybody Mad” comes on and at once the dance floor becomes a sea of trained and choreographed dancers like at the end of a movie. (I did try to join in on the choreo when “Everybody Mad” played at the brunch this past weekend. I was very roundly shown up.) But you know what I mean? I looked around Saturday and was like this is *exactly* what I needed 4 years ago, 6 years ago, 10 years ago. I needed to see and celebrate myself, and we do that by getting together and being able to see and celebrate each other. 

So yeah I mean if you already weren’t enticed by my Instagram stories I’ll say it straight up: go check out Brunch2Bomb. I’ve only been twice but every time it exceeded my expectations. Dope ass music, gorgeous venues, fine ass people, strong drinks, and most of all COMMUNITY, which we all need more of. You’ll love it, promise.