Señorita, I Feel for You...


Y’all birthdays are so crazy. Aren’t they crazy? It’s like New Years but justtttt for you. Just focused on your life and your progress and your accomplishments and your road ahead. It’s wild.

This was one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a long time, but the ramp-up towards it was notttt as it has been. Something about getting a business off the ground and facing a shift in said business right beforehand made for a bit of an “Oh shit it’s my birthday soon?!” reaction rather than an “I’ve had my dinner outfit planned for MONTHS!” reaction.

And not gonna lie, even up to the day of I was really expecting myself to change course with this dress. I mean of course it’s beautiful, but embroidery is a new element for me, especially in this color scheme, which was giving me all kinds of Spanish/Coco vibes.

But in the end it made the cut because a) the dress made "the girls" look great and b) I don’t know, it was kind of nice getting out of my comfort zone you know? Gettin' a little stretchy!

Plus it gave me the inspiration to play around with my makeup! To keep in time with Spanish theme, I went down a rabbit hole of YouTube tutorials on Spanish inspired makeup and landed on this #DRAMA: a matte cut crease with a bold red lip. I even did that little ombré trick where you darken the corners for dimension, which if you haven’t tried it and you’re feeling comfortable in your lipstick game, you GOTTA give it a go. I felt like a brand new bitch.

I’m absolutely notorious for buying a birthday dress and then wearing it MAYBE one more time in my life, but I feel like this one’s gonna make it into the summer rotation! What are some new trends y'all are trying out for summer?