Why Repetition is Necessary

Photo by  Gabriela Popa  on  Unsplash

I’ve noticed that it takes us a couple times before we really hear something. Ask my friends who have more than once shared the same wisdom with me over and over again only to hear a week later that I’ve “suddenly had an epiphany”. Or business owners who know that if you’re going to present a call to action to an audience, you’ve gotta give them a few shots at it before you’ll see the response you’re looking for. For whatever reason, we can hear the same messages again and again — in different ways, in the exact same way, in a similar way with reversed sentence structure — and not grasp it until one day, inexplicably, it lands.

I feel like this is what’s been happening to me in business. As I continue to whittle and refine what the fuck it is I’m actually doing, I somehow always come back to my original mantra: “My business is me. My thoughts, my ideas. That’s what I’m selling”. And while I’ve always known that to be true, it seems that every new path, each new venture, brings me right back to this spot, but with more clarity: “My business is me”.

I don’t know what it is for you but I say all this to really say, take heart if you are working through something you don’t understand yet. If you’re struggling with a concept or idea that it feels like you get but you don’t super get. It takes us a while, it takes us a few times. And then one day, you’ll be ready, and it’ll just click.


Thumbnail Photo by Gabriela Popa on Unsplash