West Coast Best Coast

Ahhhhh Pacific Beach, San Diego. Land of the surfer bros, college bros, drunk bros, and hipster bros who swear they only visit because it's "ironic". I feel like I love PB the way you love an old friend who was always a hot mess, but was also always there for you when you needed her. Sure, she’s provided the backdrop to a LAUNDRY LIST of poor decision-making — particularly between 2010 and 2013 — but she’s also... I mean, she's PB. (Though technically I was in Mission Beach for this shoot; I feel like I had to mention that because San Diegans are territorial, present company included.)

I wanted to do a little ~beach jaunt~ this Fashion Friday because I feel like I’m never at the beach. Even though it’s literally only ten minutes away, I’m always at a park or in the street. But since summer’s finally here (yayyyy solstice!) I was like *why not* go for a romp on the boardwalk, nahhmean?

I tried to look beach casual y'all, I really did. Turns out that look may not be in a bitch’s repertoire anymore, because I really came through with a headscarf, bright lipstick, and huge gold bamboo earrings. But look! Shorts and a flannel! 

Also, scoped a moped which actually turned out to be a bit of an eye opening moment about white privilege. Who'da thunk?

I’m legit trying to live half my life in a bathing suit this summer though, so there will be plentyyyyyyyy of "beach casual" photo ops. Stoked.

What about y'all, what are you looking forward to most this summer?

Head scarf: Target | Tee: Salvation Army | Flannel: Target (Men's section *winky face*) | Shoes: H&M