This is Why No One Ever Changes Their Life

I know exactly why nobody changes their lives. Day after day they go through the same routine half awake and half alive, the definition of walking through the motions, because after all it’s “good enough” and “I never really thought about what my dream job would be” and “this job is stable.”

And I get it because in order to change your life, first you have to change your mind. First you have to give space to new thoughts, ones that picture you breaking your cycle and taking risks. First you have to believe something else, and all of us are terrible at believing in shit we can’t see yet.

So we keep doing what we’re doing because belief is too hard. Because “I could never be a writer” or “the market is too saturated” or “no one really wants to hear what I think.” But I guarantee you we do. If there is a desire to express yourself a certain way, there’s 100% an audience just *waiting* to hear you, see you, experience you as your fullest self. Because that’s how this shit works, nothing is given to us without the tools to bring it to fruition. ESPECIALLY now with the Internet, are you kidding me? We can be anything, but first we have to think we can.

Changing your life is as easy and as difficult as changing your mind. And since changing your mind is a skill that can be exercised and developed, why not start right now? 

Happy Monday!