New Month, Still My Birthday

Happy June Friends!! So as I'm sure exactly no one is surprised about, I'm still celebrating my birthday which was this past Wednesday. But like honestly, it's not even my fault; when your birthday lands midweek, you HAVE to celebrate for at least three days right? That feels like a rule.

Anyhoo my actual birth-day outfit is the focal point of today's Fashion Friday! I was going for a real 70's vibe (which truly is most of my life, I love the effortlessness of it — *light bulb!* How fun would it be to do a Fashion Friday series inspired by iconic looks from each decade?! Yup, doing it).

Okay okay back to this 'fit: I threw on some mid-wash bells, this adorable little embroidered crop from Forever, and that sickass leather dad-bomber jacket I picked up from the Salvation Army a few weeks ago. Issa LEWK, check it out! OH and keep your eyes peeled for that Fashion through the decades series, I can't wait!

Top: Forever 21 | Bottoms: Urban Outfitters | Jacket: Salvation Army