Coping with the Unknown

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The way I see it, this is Life — what are we all doing if not purposefully jumping into uncharted territory all the time? All of life is not knowing what’s going to happen next. But we think because we get into a routine, because we sit at the same desks everyday, and go to the same house every night, that somehow we’re now able to predict the future.

Sure the probabilities of life unfolding just as you expect it to in everyday things are high. We expect that if we move the switch on our bedroom wall, a light will go on. We expect that if we go to sit on a chair, it will continue existing in order to support us. These expectations are valid, but we don’t *know* anything will happen before it does. Every second is a venture into uncharted territory, all we have is this present moment.

So with this in mind, if the theme of life is constantly asking us to walk by faith, why wouldn’t we take the reigns and dive headfirst into the unknown of things that excite us? Make big travel plans to Morocco, set in motion dreams of selling out Radio City Music Hall, I don’t know! I’m just saying if you’re scared because it’s “unknown”, you might as well dive in. We’re headed there anyway.