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Happy Fashion Friday friends!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I created that Color Wheel pamphlet to help you figure out how interesting color combinations happen in outfits? Well I figured it would also be helpful if I demonstrated some of those principles at work IRL so this week we're going to look at a few of my past Fashion Friday looks so I can show you how the Color Wheel played a factor in putting them together. At the end I'll give you an option to download the Color Wheel pamphlet for yourself! Let's jump in: 

Okay so for this first outfit, we're primarily going to be talking about the pants, since as you can see I just paired them with a white top.

The reason why the colors in these pants work is because they've combined warm and cool tones, as well as played with the shades of each. Blue and orange are compliments on the color wheel — that is, they sit across from each other — but often instead of pairing direct compliments, you can create a more interesting and maybe less harsh combination by playing off shades around the compliment. So in these pants, you'll see that navy blue, instead of being paired with orange, is paired with a reddish coral shade, and the contrast works great.

Additionally, I wore a turquoise necklace with this outfit, which works because it sits alongside the blue in the pants while providing a subtle compliment to the red shades.


I've talked about this outfit mannyyyyyy I a time (honestly, I love it) but I don't know that I've gone into great depth yet. In any case it provides a really good example of how complimentary colors on the color wheel can work together!

So the central component of this outfit is bright yellow, we all see that right? If you don't, let's talk after class. 

Okay so yellow, according to the color wheel, is complimented by purple and flanked by green. Using that information, what I did here is both utilized the principle we talked about above (pairing a color that is *close to* the color's compliment aka the blue in the turquoise earrings), as well as using the color's direct compliment (purple lipstick).

What I've found is that because Color Theory is so widely utilized, sometimes if you go with straight compliments without breaking them up, you can real easily start to look like a sports team. For example, if I had stopped at pairing dark purple lipstick with this yellow jumper, I would have felt like a diehard Lakers fan. Or if you stick to a strict blue and orange situation, you might end up accidentally repping the Denver Broncos, I'm just saying. And not that there's anything wrong with using your favorite sports team as inspiration for your slay, that's just not usually my M.O.

To break up the yellow and purple, I threw in turquoise earrings (can you tell I love turquoise yet?) and they worked because the blue in them is adjacent to yellow's compliment (purple) and the green in them is adjacent to yellow itself. ISN'T THIS SO MUCH FUN YOU GUYS?!


Ahhhh yes, possibly one of my favorite dresses in my closet. This is the one my mom's best friend made for me when I was in Nigeria last year, she killed it. And it does an EXCELLENT job of showcasing unique color combinations and why they work. 

So this dress bounces primarily between coral, blue and green — coral making up the solid base, and then blue and green combining at the top and on the pockets in a kind of palm-treed patterned effect (I'm obsessed with this dress). Can anyone guess why these colors work together using what we've learned so far? Don't worry I'll wait.




YOU'RE RIGHT! Red and green are compliments on the color wheel, and using the principles we learned above, either green or red can also work with their compliment's adjacent counterparts. So in this case, we've got green working with a red-adjacent, or coral-ish (or millennial pink) tone. And blue gets tossed in there whyyyy?




YES AGAIN, CRUSHED IT! Blue sits next to green on the color wheel so it works as an element to break up the direct contrast between the green and the red color. Look, you guys learned so much!


If you want to know more about the Color Wheel and how to utilize it in putting together bomb ass looks, enter your name and email below to receive the Color Wheel info-guide I created. It walks you through understanding warm vs. cool vs. neutral tones (a whole other Color Wheel segment) and how to balance them to create color combinations that will make you seem like you own a Vogue subscription. I understand that's a bold claim, I'm sticking by it. Snag yours below!

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