A Sip with Issa Rae

Talk about an inspiration! Yesterday I got to check out “A Sip with Issa Rae” which is an event where she interviews creatives of color in the industry to tell the stories of how they made it. In all truth, I’m still on a high. You know that buzzing feeling you get when you sense you’ve come upon something important? Or how your head and heart expand when you hear someone talk about things that deeply matter to you? That’s what it felt like. Watching Issa Rae and Justin Simien — buzzin’, no less — talk about the need for representation and getting over fear and telling your story, I mean that’s my wholeee aesthetic. I sat in the audience — also buzzin’ (there was free Tanqueray!) — feeling consummately alive.

I’ve been reading a few books about changing your life, because as perhaps you may have guessed, I’m in the middle of the process of changing mine. One of the main tenets I’ve found across multiple works is the need to operate at the frequency level of the life you’re seeking to step into. That is, if you’re wanting to build a new life as a famous and respected architect, getting your mind and body into the place where you feel like you already are a famous and respected architect is key. It’s a real thing too — when you change your mindset, you can feel it in your body. I’ve experienced it as a lightness, ease of thought, quickly moving from task to task without feeling weighed down.

I think of it as akin to driving in heavy-ish traffic and wanting to switch lanes. The easiest way to switch is to already be going the speed or close to the speed of the lane you’d like to switch into. I mean sure, it’s *doable* to switch lanes when yours is at a halt and the next one over is flying by, but typically the smoothest transition is one where you’ve already been traveling at the needed speed.

Being at “A Sip” felt like the perfect speed for the life I’m creating. A room full of creative energy, LA vibes, important work, people of color sharing their stories, a casual early Sunday evening buzz... Everything worked in a way that felt completely in alignment.

I don’t know what that looks like for you, finding places that get your body buzzin' (the excited kind, not the drunk kind, though those things are not mutually exclusive as I found out last night), but if you are at all trying to change your life, might I suggest getting into those spaces as OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. And when you’re there or shortly afterwards, notice how your body feels. Pay attention to your heart swelling like a hot air balloon, your skin vibrating like it does after a good workout. Notice where you are, what you’re wearing, who’s around, what’s happening. Write it all down and relive it in your memory every chance you get. Not only is it the most fun, it’s getting you prepped to switch into your new lane! #Swerve