Why Representation, Why Formation

Hey y’all!

This week I want to share a little bit of my personal journaling… I mean I guess all of this is my personal journaling on some level. But in the last couple days I’ve been figuring out how to better clearly name what representation is and why it’s important as a means of better communicating the benefits of Formation. So I figured I’d give you a list of cons and pros, in understanding how underrepresentation can manifest in our lives and what Formation does to help, respectively. Enjoy!

The effects of underrepresentation can look like:

  • Staying silent in a conversation when someone says something offensive but being unclear as to why you felt you couldn’t speak up.

  • Making excuses for people and being quick to say “It’s okay” when whatever “it” is actually very not okay.

  • Getting into dating relationships with emotionally unavailable people and wondering why it feels like you’re trapped in this cycle of dating bozos.
  • Allowing someone too many chances in a relationship because deep down you’re afraid that the truth is you don’t deserve to be loved well and never will be.
  • Allowing your body to be used by whomever because you think that’s the closest you’ll ever get to being truly desired.
  • Feeling like you’re unable to trust yourself because you’ve always been dismissed for your feelings, told you’re crazy, or being irrational, etc.
  • Being overly concerned with other people’s feelings while ignoring or suppressing your own.
  • Looking in the mirror and hating what you see.
  • Feeling isolated, alone, and misunderstood.
  • Feeling like you have to settle for men (or women) who confuse you and ultimately waste your time.


Conversely, if you would like to:

  • Be able to hear and speak up for yourself in difficult conversations.
  • Articulate clearly your needs and desires in a way that’s not selfish or forceful but definitely present.
  • Break the cycles of pseudo-relationships and other toxic dating patterns.
  • Stop dealing with bullshit in relationships and be able to cut bozos off with the quickness because you have a deep belief that you are capable and deserving of being loved.
  • Learn how to hear, trust, and follow your gut.
  • Understand how to care for others while also not doing so at the expense of your own mental or emotional health.
  • Be able to look in a mirror and genuinely LOVE what you see, I’m talking get excited, complimenting your own naked body levels of love.
  • Connect with other amazing women, hear their stories, and feel less isolated.


Then Formation can help with that. Contact me here to learn more!