Who else here is a little uncomfortable with the word "desire"? Something about it feels vulnerable, hits too close to home, makes us want to close off.

But I believe part of our work in living this life fully is learning how to want again. It's like we’re born with desire for everything this world has to offer running rampant through us, but as we age we’re taught to expect less. To expect limits on what we can possess and/or experience. 

Naturally then, to ease the pain that arises from the tension between wanting but believing you are incapable of getting, we teach ourselves to stop wanting. We teach ourselves to stay “safely” within the bounds of what is “reasonable”, when instead we should be adjusting the other end of the equation. The part that says It Is Impossible, *that’s* the part that needs tweaking. And that’s where we can reawaken our desires. 

Moreover, I feel like there is less resistance and more life given when we keep our desires and believe that nothing is impossible, than there is when we believe that the things we want are out of reach and attempt to reduce the desire for them. What I’m learning is that desire is sacred and good, it’s our life seeking more Life. We, like everything else in nature, were made to grow, and desire is the catalyst for that growth. 

So maybe there's some discomfort in discovering your desires again, maybe they've been buried under years and years of "I can't"s and "I'll never"s. But I'm gonna encourage you to dig them out this week, hold onto them, see if you can reinstate the flame for them, and then watch to see them actually come true.