Fashion Friday: Met Gala Edition

I know y’all was wondering where my invitation to the Met Gala was at. Honestly, same. It’s fine, I’m sure it just got lost in the mail or something, these things happen.

REGARDLESS, I decided to put some looks together anyway, you know, since I was supposed to be there. Can't wait to go next year!! In the meantime, behold, my heavenly body:


- Ave Maria From the Block -

This one was inspired by all the galactic-level crowns I spotted on the red carpet, most poignantly, SZA's. Doused my face and body in gold to complete the look, and yes, those are pipe cleaners attached to a headband using masking tape. #Resourceful.


- Angel Baby Sweetheart -

I know what you're thinking: Did she just happen to have a pair of wings at the ready for this outfit? And the answer is no, but ONLY because I accidentally left the pair of wings I did own at a friend's house on Halloween three years ago. So I mean technically... You know what let's just suffice it to say I'm the type of bitch that would have wings on hand should the occasion call for it. And look, now I do! (Wings are from Party City btw.)


- Gothic Priestess -

Okay so this one looks a lottttttt like my Halloween Costume from a few years ago, I understand that. Mostly because the only thing I changed was the wearing of a makeshift priest's collar that yes, was fashioned from a choker and a piece of paper taped to it. In truth, I think my original idea did not include the dark purple lipstick, but by the time I got to this outfit I'd had quite a few glasses of wine and forgot the vision so here we are. I think it's alright though! That collar really pulls it together, you know what I mean? #Lol.