Be Creative!

A while ago I was listening to a podcast where they were answering questions from the audience. Somebody asked essentially if it was useless to try to invent anything nowadays because all of the good inventions have happened already.


Like, God bless this person for asking what was on their heart but my first thought was “What a silly fucking question.” Creativity begets creativity. Somebody produces something that’s never been done before and it inspires someone to produce something else, either in support of that thing, to complement it, in contrast to it, or maybe they make the exact same thing just prettier.

Photography inspired film, cars inspired seatbelts, Napster inspired LimeWire, I mean I could go on. Just look the plethora of apps spawned by Instagram’s existence alone. Or while we’re at it, look at the Internet and everything that’s come from that incredible, marvelous, awe-inspiring, insane shit show. We have this incredible ability to see possibility on possibility — when we want to. When we’re open to it, we find it. When we’re not, we think all the good inventions have been created already. 

Like Brene Brown says, there’s no such thing as non-creative people, just people who use their creativity and people who don’t. Let’s use ours friends! Let’s see what falls out.