Shine Bright Like a Sunbeam

There have been odes written about the combination of yellow on black girl’s skin. I’m serious, just look. I’ve honestly never loved or really even liked the color yellow. It felt too happy, too sanguine — I could do a mustard to be sure, but pastel or sunny yellow just fell right outside of my general disposition.

And then I met this jumper, one Saturday evening at the Fashion Valley Forever 21. I can’t say that my thoughts about yellow have completely flipped but I’ve at least found the exception to the rule.

This sunny little number was so fun to traipse about New Orleans in. And you know me and a good jumper — it’s light as a feather, doesn’t cling to a single thing on my body, but still has enough shape and those asymmetrical pant legs to look ~cool.

If you’re rocking something this bright (and you definitely should, hello, #Spring) I say work with the color wheel to figure out how to balance it. It doesn’t need a lot so I grounded it with cool colors (a dark burgundy lip and turquoise earrings) to even things out. 

Bright colors like this, even with the help of the color wheel, can be hard to work though though. What are some colors y’all feel like you dare not go near? Tangerine? Sea foam green? I bet I could help you find some way to wear it! Leave your ideas in the comments below and we’ll brainstorm! 

Happy Fashion Friday!