The Law of Attraction


Have y'all seen this video yet? The one with all the famous celebrities (#redundant) talking about the Law of Attraction and how the Universe works? I know it sounds hokey but as I’ve been reading a bunch of hokey books — about how our beliefs shape our reality and how we can manifest the things we want — I’m starting to think there’s something to it. And by “starting to think”, I mean am full fledged tits deep in the sauce.

I think we all realized a bit ago that there is no reality, just perception right? I mean if you’re struggling with that just think about how literally all of the information you take in is done so with only your senses, and henceforth objectivity is high-key a myth. If this is true, and perception creates reality, then a change in perception, or perspective, can change your reality.

For example, have you ever “lost your keys” in your living room? And you turn all these things over and you step back and scan the entire room like “Where TF are these keys?!” but then you step just slightly to the left and see them poking out from behind a chair leg? Spoiler alert: they were always there behind the chair leg. But because of where you were standing, because of your perspective of the room, your reality did not include them. But then change the perspective and voila, perception and reality follow suit.

I know, I know, I’m getting in the weeds here and eventually will just give you the video to watch for yourself but I’m just trynna prime you for some of these ideas. Also I’m like, these people who are speaking have gained a significant amount of success by their own metrics (read: not just money though that is included), so like why wouldn’t we listen to them if we also seek to be successful in whatever way(s) we define it?

Okay check it:


1) I didn't create or compile this video, I don't know who did nor do I know any of the people in it so like. I don't know, I feel like that should cover it.

2) Steve Harvey makes a note about depression at the end there that I can't confirm or deny, I just want to be sensitive to those of us who do or have struggled with depression; whatever your experience has been is valid.