We Goin' All the Way L I V E

Hey ladieeeesssssssssss!!! (Oh and gents, you can get in on this too!)

Tomorrow I am going L I V E on Instagram to answer questionsssss from you guys!

I’m discussing anything regarding Formation, my process as a business owner, my experience of black womanhood, Beyoncé —

— dating, friendships, singleness, American History, fashion, style tips, LITERALLY ANYTHING YOU WANT that is as long as it’s asked respectfully and not with malice ya feel me?

I’ll be live at 12:30pm PST and I’ll only have 30 minutes to answer all the questions you’ve got so if you’ve got some burners, send them my way! You can send them in either via Instagram or the contact form below, OR wait ‘til the main event to ask LIVE (it’s so fun emphasizing “LIVE”, like it’s so dramatic I love it.)

Okay can’t wait to hear all of your amazing fabulous interesting beautiful thought-provoking questions, see y’all then!

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