Colors of the Wind

We gon’ learn today!

Okay so I feel like sometimes the hardest part of putting together outfits is knowing which color combinations work and which color combinations spell disaster, amirite?

Like we all know that anything goes with denim, black, or beige, and most of us settle with just throwing on some basic and a #PopOfColor. But then when you see a woman in a gorgeous floor length coral summer dress, turquoise and gold jewelry, and berry lipstick, you’re like, wait how did she do that?!

I’ll tell you right now, the secret is the color wheel but even that can be overwhelming and throw us off without it being explained. So many colors, so many shades to choose from within each color, how do we pick?!

So this week for Fashion Friday I decided to make it a little more #educational and created a color palette download inspired by summer to give guidance on what shades work well together. It’s basic and broad, covering warm, cool, and neutral tones inspired by bonfires, the beach, and camping adventures respectively, and it explains how the colors in each palette can work together. As a little bonus, I included a couple tips at the end that help me determine which colors fit into which category (i.e. warm vs. cool)!

To get the download, enter your name and email below and the little “Thank You” message will provide the link! So fun right?!

Happy learning!

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