Snacks on Snacks on — Wait Is This Anti-Feminist?

Am I the only one who was confused when the term “snack” emerged as a popular nickname for an attractive woman? Or man I guess is also an option, though I’ve heard it less used that way. But yeah like all of a sudden we were calling girls “snacks” and like, don’t get me wrong, I kind of love it. It hits that perfect cross-section between being cute, catchy, and somehow universally understood without explanation. But the more I thought about it, I the more I was like waittttt 

*Gears up to be super problematic*

As far back as I can remember, one of the goals of feminism has been to get us away from objectification, particularly objectification that describes us as something to be consumed. Pieces of meat without minds or wishes or desires of our own. I thought of that episode of The Cosby Show, when Theo and Cockroach get chided for describing women as “burgers”, “actual pieces of meat” as Theo’s sister (and all-around goddess) Denise points out. We’ve been striving this whole time, and continue to strive, for full personhood — we’re almost constantly having to petition and march for our humanity, and then this nickname comes along, literally calling us food, and we’re like 

And like I said this is where I don’t really know what to do, because I like the term too! I daily think about the quote I saw on When Black Girls Brunch’s IG: “Torn between wanting a snack and lookin like a snack”. That’s real ass life right there. I both want to be respected and want fun pet names. I want to take a stand for feminism and I want Broderick Hunter to call me a snack on social media — this is the struggle.

But I also love that on a microcosmic level, it shows how messy the path of progress can be. It’s not always forward-moving, it’s not always clear-cut, there are side-steps and questions and differing opinions at every stage. “Snack” could be a problematic step backwards, OR it could just be a new fun slang term the hegemony eventually ruins, only time will tell.

In either case, listen, I’m not trynna start shit, I’m not trynna say nothin', if your boyfriend calls you a snack on the daily there’s no need to go all Angela Davis on his ass (though maybe he deserves it for a different reason?) IIIIIII just wanted to point shit out and be problematic because that’s what the fuck I do. You're welcome.

Happy International Women's Day y’all!