Successfully Self-Parenting

The other day I was thinking about how we approach ourselves when something is wrong. What’s helped in my process is speaking to myself as though I were my own child, I suppose it’s called self-parenting. (It’s literally called self-parenting.) 

But when something comes up that is undesirable — a thought, some emotion we wish we weren’t having — how do we ourselves about it? Are we gentle? Are we seeking to understand? Do we ask questions? Are we trying to learn? 

Or are we trying to control? Do we try to strong-arm it out of ourselves, give ourselves the silent treatment until we can “clean up our act”?

And of the two, which approach gives way to a healing response? 

I mean I’m sure you could guess, but it’s so much easier said than done. Especially depending on the severity of the unwanted thought/desire/emotion. But remembering that one way brings healing and growth is helpful in choosing the course by which we will dive into ourselves. 

And for the record, just because you approach with gentleness doesn’t mean you can’t also handle the situation firmly. I’m still learning this balance but I think it’s exactly what makes a good parent. Softness without lenience. 

This week let’s stay dedicated to the practice of healthy self-parenting as we grow in understanding of ourselves.