Formation Breakdown

Frrrriiiendssss!! Formation begins THIS MONDAY! And I wanted to take today to give you the what for — I mean — the Who What When Where Why and Howwww to clear up any lingering questions! Sound good? Okay let’s get into it:

Who: Black women who have felt under or misrepresented in their society, culture, family, media, etc.

What: Formation! A four-week-long program where we will meet individually and in community to understand:

  1. What is representation, what is shame, and how do the two go hand-in-hand?

  2. How might we be self-limiting because of this lack of representation as it relates to shame?

  3. Where can we find healing reflections of ourselves, how can we offer those healing reflections to each other, and how can we practice embracing and loving our bodies?

  4. How can we heal in community? (Group Hang!)

When: As stated above, the program starts APRIL 2ND. Buttttttt guess what I’m doing because I love y’all so much and am the best ever? KEEPING REGISTRATION OPEN!! That’s right, you can register for Formation at any time, just jump on in the cycle whenever you’re ready and we’ll get it going *dancing girl emoji* *wonders when emojis will finally be compatible with blog posts*

Where: Anywhere! We can meet over the phone or in person, whichever you feel most comfortable with. Throughout the program I’ll be hosting little mini “meetups” for us all to get together and talk, so that by the last week of the program — the Group Hang — we’ll all know and feel comfortable with each other so we can dive right into the conversation!

Why: Oh man, okay in trying to keep it short: Representation is wildly important. It tells us who we are and how we fit in our society. Because we are social creatures, because we need to feel that we belong to a group in order to survive, representation is needed to reinforce that social bond and reflect us to ourselves so that we know we are accepted. When the representation we’ve been given is inadequate, or derogatory, or flat out doesn’t exist, we internalize the message that we don’t exist or matter to our social group and that begets shame. Shame is the thing that ruptures our social bonds — it tells us “I am bad” or “I’m too _____ or not enough of _____ to be accepted”. And shame — again because we need bonds with each other to survive — poses real physical threat. So for black women who have never or rarely gotten to see themselves be the protagonist in a story, or even the love interest, or take center stage; if you’ve only gotten to see yourself in the background, as the token character, as the “wise helper” to the protagonist, what might that communicate to you about who you are and where you fit in your society? How might that dictate how you view yourself and how you show up in your life? That’s the why for Formation. Because we need to heal these wounds, we need to create our own reflections and representation to remind ourselves that we can be and do anything we want. That we are not background characters or easily dismissed or forgotten. That we deserve a seat at the table like everyone else. And we need to connect with other black women going through the same things so that we can be reminded that we’re not alone.

How: Before signing up, set up a free 30 minute call with me so I can answer any questions you may have and let you know more about the outline of the program!

Whew! Okay I think that’s everything, but if there’s anything I missed, we can catch it on that 30 minute call!

Can’t wait to start with y'all!!! #LetsGetInFormation