Why I Don't Have A Backup Plan

When I started my business, one of the common questions I got was whether or not I had a backup plan. At first I sheepishly answered “No”, but the more I thought about it, the more that answer made sense.

Why should I have a backup plan?

We think having a backup plan makes us smarter, less naive, more savvy, more adult. Dreams are for children, grown-ups need to have contingencies in place. And like, I get that to an extent. But do people have backup plans when they set out to get their doctorates? Or get married? Or buy a car? No, that’s it — it’s the goal or bust. But having a backup plan leaves some of yourself on the table. You’re not pursuing with everything you have — as one of my very smart friends said recently, “If you have a backup plan, you’ll always fall back.”

So no dude, I don’t have a backup plan. I will spend my life grinding at this, going at it with everything that I have, processing the myriad emotions and stepping over the self-imposed obstacles that arise along the way. This is it — it’s the goal or bust. And if you’ve got a dream, a MASSIVE goal, whatever ambition it is that sets you ablaze, I hope you don’t have a backup plan either.