For Your Upcoming Trip to Wakanda (Non-Black People Please Don’t Try This at Home ...Or Anywhere.)

LESS THAN A WEEK until I get to see Black Panther aka history being made aka black excellence in full force in theaters!!! So obviously this Fashion Friday I had to come through with all Ankara everything and give y’all some ideas on how to style it. Like I said in the title, non-black people y’all can sit this one out, just for a second. We appreciate your cooperation.

The best part about wearing Ankara is that usually the outfit’s already all set up for you. Like you can throw on some accessories and/or a head wrap (I’ll show you both), but like all in all the clothing can go with pretty basic pairings.

Also, everything you see here was sewn by my mom’s best friend in Nigeria. I know, I’m sorry, #exclusive. There might be a few stores around that sell the fabric or you could order some online and sew it yourself! I’m still working on trying to get her to the States to start a business though so let’s keep praying for that.

Alright check it:


So for this first dress, again, you don’t have to do a lot with Ankara but to be extra I added this big chunky statement necklace that low key looks like armor because hello, the Black Panther is a warrior above all else, duh. Rocked a head wrap, and to let the necklace speak for itself but not feel too lonely, I added some little gold studs to the ears. #glamor.


For the second outfit, I don’t know why but I feel like this pattern and coloring reminds me of Black Panther. Is he into yellow? I guess I’m a poser. But anyway I paired this option with a coral beaded necklace (another item picked up in Nigeria), but I was thinkingggg this dress could also look cool if you had like a big black statement necklace or one of those tassel accessories that are hot right now, à la this or this.


Okay and then for the last one, I threw on this cute little sundress number and cut-out nude stacked heels. Mama Gbenro (the seamstress) was SO INTO off-the-shoulder styles when I visited that she insisted on giving me something with that detail. I feel like this one is a nice bridge between African and Western wear, because it’s got Ankara but it’s still cute and short so you can give a hint of the heritage without the full on regal vibe. #versatility

Ahhhhh I am sO EXCITED TO SEE/STUNT FOR THIS MOVIE. Y’all knowwwwwww I couldn’t be out here posting what I’m actually going to wear yet but keep a lookout on the ‘gram come next Thursday if you want to see my final outfit :) 

Happy Fashion Friday Happy Weekend Happy Black History Month!


First 'Fit: Headwrap: Target | Earrings/Bracelet: Forever 21 | Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Second 'Fit: Shoes:
Third 'Fit: Earrings: Sam's Beauty Supply | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack