Okay So I Guess This is Really Happening

Am I the only one low-key-dreading-but-trying-not-to-dread Valentine’s Day? I know it’s still almost a week away but seeing candy grams and heart-shaped cards pop up at stores since mid January has made the day’s arrival feel like a slow drip of impending bullshit.

But it also feels so passéééééé to dread Valentine’s Day at this point. As though as we get older, wiser, grow in emotional maturity, Valentine’s Day is supposed to affect us less. We’re supposed to get all Gandhi/Buddah/Eight-Limb-Path about it and be able to serenely anticipate its arrival, gently experience the day with an open heart, then gracefully let it go once it passes. (P.S. to be clear I am speaking to those of us who are single, maybe have been for a VERY long time, and are questionably positioned towards it. Perhaps you don’t hate it, but you alsooooo feel like might be nice to try something else? Right.)

I’m trying y’all, I really am. Calling upon every tool I’ve gained in therapy and yoga to remind myself that it’s just a day. It will pass, and the day after it will be just like the day before it. But I cannot shake the imminence. I’m wondering if the awkwardness arises from the fact that we feel trapped between feeling something and not feeling “enough”. Perhaps that’s the weirdness, that we feel like we’re supposed to either be 100% okay with Valentine’s Day or ready to set shit on fire during it. But here’s my thing: the best we can do ever, is to feel what we’re feeling when we’re feeling it. I don’t know how I’m going to feel on Valentine’s Day, but all I can do is figure out what I’m feeling now. And also maybe have some plans in place for the day to soften any pangs that may come out of left field.

If you too need ideas for how to #treatyoself this Valentine’s Day, I’m going to be sending out a special newsletter Wednesday focused solely on tips, tricks, and things-to-do to help you lean in, practice gratitude, and like I said, treat yourself. And honestly, whether you’re in love and loving it, not in love and hating it, or anything in between, I guarantee there’ll be something in there to help brighten your day. Enter you name and email below and I’ll have that message of positivity out to you next week! 

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