Yes We Can

It is astonishing to me how often we tell ourselves we can’t. Even when we have historical evidence proving the opposite, there’s always something about *this* time. “Sure I was able to complete a marathon before, but THIS time what if I can't finish?” or "I've written a million essays in my life but THIS time what if I'm out of ideas?"

We worry because it’s unknown; no matter how many times we've done whatever task, "this" time has yet to be recorded, and thus feels much more daunting. It’s like that Nelson Mandela quote “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” You’d think historical proof of being able to do the exact same thing in the past would be enough to make it feel less impossible, but it’s not. We have a tricky relationship with the unknown, no matter what it is. It triggers fear in us, and that fear makes us doubt.

This week, I seek to pay more attention to my track record than the "What Ifs". I seek to remind myself I can, ESPECIALLY regarding things I’ve done before. I *can* write something meaningful, I *can* be successful at something new, I *can* make real the things I imagine.

We’ve done it before y’all. We 100% can do it again.