Mix It Up

During my last visit to Nigeria I was inspired and frankly floored and the prowess with which Mama Gbenro mixed printed fabrics. I wondered aloud to her and my mother “How are you guys so good at this?” Both of them replied “When you can’t afford to waste anything, you make it work.” And I was like damn, if that’s not a straight up Word. Creativity is all it takes. And we'd be surprised with how creative we can get when creativity is the only option; just ask anyone who's had to feed themselves for a week with ten dollars and a dream. (Me, you can ask me.) 

A basic tip I used when putting together this printed outfit is mixing a neutral with something bolder. Black and white stripes are a pretty safe backdrop to most printed items, if you're just getting used to the process. 

So let’s be creative then friends, huh? Let's try things! All that matters is that you like it, the rest is just noise. Happy Fashion Friday!