If your spot is anything like San Diego, winter is already starting to leave your ass behind. Before we lose her altogether, I wanted to showcase ideas for how to wear knee-high boots, and offer some options for taking them into spring, just in case you too fell victim to the trend and then realized after the purchase that you only had one idea for them. I gotchy'all don’t worry! Here are  three outfits featuring knee-highs in ways that don't feel too crazy sexual, let’s dive in shall we?


Okay first outfit, I wore the boots with an olive green bodycon and dressed everything down with a flannel. Pro tip: if you ever need to take the edge off a sexy/fancy outfit, throw a flannel on, it’ll bring you right back down to chill. I feel like the key with over-the-knee boots — if you’re trying to make them a bit more casual — is to make the rest of your outfit realllllll relaxed. Basically wear pajamas and throw on some OTK boots, you’re right back in it girl! And then to jazz things up I added the classic Madewell Arrowhead necklace, aka the “chill girl” icon. You know what it is.


For the second outfit I pulled the LBD with a midi length hem. I feel like it's totally an option to pair high shoes like this with dresses where the hem meets the shaft, to take it from sexy to chic, but like, still keep it sexy. AND since your whole leg's covered up, you can skip a shave! Which, isn't that really what we're all here for? 


Okay and in this last outfit, tbh I feel like Rihanna. All denim everything, which y’all already know is my JAM. Threw on a #millennialpink top, tied at the waist for shape, and then BAM! Hit 'em with the over-the-knees. I feel like you could easily do brunch in LA in something like this, or honestly whatever TF you want because you look fine as hell. Go on girl, work it!


First 'Fit: Flannel: Target | Dress: H&M | Necklace: Madewell | Boots: Steve Madden
Second 'Fit: Dress: Urban Outfitters
Third 'Fit: Shorts and Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Jacket: Nordstrom | Rings: Forever 21