Today it was on my mind to write about joy, to give encouragement to feel it when it comes and ascribe weight to it. Too many times when joy arrives to us we write it off. Because it is in a minuscule moment, maybe inspired by something mundane, run-of-the-mill, par for the course. “Why should this cup of coffee inspire joy on this particular morning, I have coffee every morning, it’s not important.”

I had one such moment last Friday, in a yoga class. We weren’t in any special pose, the teacher hadn’t said anything extraordinarily meaningful, I hadn’t achieved some new and deeper level of consciousness, but there was a moment when I suddenly filled with joy. And I remember having the opportunity to brush it off, to go “yeah that’s nice now let’s get back to the million other things I have to do after yoga.” But instead I asked, what if I let myself feel this? What if I let myself be really present with this emotion and experience gratitude for it?

I think that’s something we could all use more of; it’s nothing crazy, we don’t need to go off the grid, venture into the wilderness, abandon our worldly possessions — although if that’s your thing hey man get after it. And if you’re getting rid of an end table in the process, hook it up — but rather it’s just being intentional about leaning into a joy filled second, even if it’s a split one.

Find joy where you can this week, allow it to arise from things you do everyday.