How to Create a Vision Board!

I know a lot of people think vision boarding is dumb or woo-woo nonsense and I get that. But I also maintain that vision boards don’t work because they’re “magic”, they work because they inspire you to work. They keep you motivated, and train your brain to move you to action that creates the “reality” it’s seeing on the board.

I think a lot about that interview Jim Carrey did with Oprah where he talked about how before he became successful he would imagine directors he wanted to work with saying they liked his work, and how he would drive around the neighborhoods he wanted to live in, not because he was conjuring a spell but just because it made him feel better. And I think vision boards offer the same principle. When you feel inspired, when you feel motivated, when you feel like your dream is literally right in front of you, the work gets so much lighter, so much easier, so much quicker to do. 

So I thought I’d create a video that answers: 1) How vision boards work, 2) Why you should try it, and 3) How to get started. Hope this inspires you to create your own, enjoy!