Be Relentless

Be relentless in pursuit of yourself..png

I feel like this is a quote from someone but I couldn’t find the same wording in connection to a specific author. I think it’s an interpretation of a quote by Rumi (not Knowles-Carter), but if someone has a more accurate source, please comment!

Regardless, the idea isn’t new. In my mind, one of the greatest (both as in cool and overwhelming) journeys of our lives is the one inward, figuring out who we are and uncovering how we can feel freer to present that person without shame to our worlds. It takes the length of our lives and all that we have, but it’s beyond worth it — it’s absolutely necessary.

January 26th I will be hosting an event dedicated to this journey, accompanied by wine, cute clothes, and deep conversation. We'll share ideas, make connections, and practice showing up exactly as we are. If you would like to know more hit up the events page, and if you're ready to sign up, go on over to the contact page.

Excited to continue the practice with you all! 💜