The Edge of Yourself

In yoga they always talk about finding your edge. That place where your body wants to quit, abort mission, isn’t quite screaming for you to back out but is annoyingly and fervently tapping on your shoulder saying “Hey, wouldn’t lying down me so much nicer than this?” The place where you’re not just stretching your body, you’re stretching your Self.

One of my teachers always used to say, the moment when your body tells you to come out is exactly when the pose is doing its work. Stay and breathe.

Those moments are a lot easier to notice in a class like yoga, when there’s a physical posture you can either be in our out of. But what if the stretching is happening in other areas of your life. What if, let’s say, you’re trying to start a business (just a random thought off the top of my head I don’t know anybody like that) and you’re hitting your own walls of self-limiting? What if you’re trying to finish a degree and you’ve been waking up day after day thinking it’ll never get done? What if you've just started a relationship and find yourself constantly fighting the urge to bail immediately?

It’s the same principal. Exactly when you want to quit, exactly the moment you want to roll over, is exactly the moment you need to lean into the work, and breathe.

Of course, rest is needed — finding your edge is about also knowing when you must relax. But sometimes our bodies, our minds, our selves, will tell us we can’t when we know better. In those moments is when we have to press on, continue, stay with it. That is exactly when the pose, the process, life, is doing its growing work. Stay and breathe. 


Thumbnail Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash