Why, Hello!

Just over two weeks until Hello Femiio makes her triumphant debut! Of course there's an event description you could holler at, flyers you could study, but isn't it so much more fun to watch a video series do a deeper dive into the psychology and importance behind it? I THOUGHT SO TOO :)

So below you'll find the option to watch three videos that answer questions like "Why is showing up authentically in our lives important? Why is it so difficult for us to do it? How does the need for representation fit into all of this? What does 'showing up authentically' even really mean, and how did you start the process, Fem?" I know, it's jam packed, you should probably get started. 




Everyone knows to make a series you have to have at least 3 things in it. To watch the 3rd video and hear my 3 steps for starting the process of showing up authentically in your own life, fill out the form below! 

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