Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself....


It doesn’t much feel like a coincidence that 2018 starts on a Monday. The beginning of a new week, new inspiration, and a new theme that has called to me for this year is “Reintroductions.” Getting reacquainted with things or people you’ve maybe felt familiar with but are gaining new perspective on.

I’m starting 2018 by reintroducing Femiio to you. Blogging thus far has been a process, and I promised it would grow with me as I grew. What I didn’t realize was how deeply connected to the process I would be, how launching Femiio as a full on business would be tied to my own personal fears and core beliefs.

But here we are, and here I am at yet another beginning. Venturing into the very real profession of styling, writing, speaking, and using fashion as a platform to show that you can show up in your life any way you want, and that we are not alone in the confusion of trying to “figure it out”.

Below is a new video, re-welcoming you into the process of Femiio, and at the end of January, I’ll be hosting an event dedicated to fashion, real talk, and above all, re-introducing myself, my business, and my brand to you.

To learn more, watch the video below, and go here to find out more about the event.

Can’t wait to start!