Ankara Friday!!

You know, I feel like I'm always so excited when we have short weeks but then by Wednesday it feels like the week goes by just as slowly anyway. So rough but thank goodnesssss we made it to Friday! Last weekend I had the B E S T time traipsing around LA with friends I've had for almost two decades! *Gasp* I know, we casually met and impressed Yvonne Orji from Insecure with that little fact, it was super fun. And by super fun I mean, I almost passed out.

Mid-traipse, I made them take pictures of me in another one of my mom's BFF's creations: this amazing little mini dress that is honestly the perfect take on #millennialpink. I'll let you know when I finally get her out here to open that business, in the meantime, ENJOY!

Femi laughing in African dress in front of wall #BlackGirlMagic 
Femi smiling at camera wearing sunglasses and ankara print dress
Black woman wearing pink and ankara dress and gold sandals.
Closeup of ankara print fabric on Femi