I don't know how I ever got lucky enough to be the daughter of immigrants who were lucky enough to obtain citizenship here decades ago. But I know I, like many Dreamers, have only known this country. I wouldn't know where to begin as an adult, in a place with new cultures and customs, a different language, taken from my home. Do not be mistaken, this is not about secure borders, this is about securing ill gotten and unrighteous power. I wretch at the fact that these people put their trust in the government for protection, only to be betrayed and made sitting ducks by it years later. I cannot express the sorrow in the repeal of DACA. There is a need for immigration reform but this repeal misses the mark, and it's not the fault of these young people that congress can't do their job.

If you want to help, call your representatives, march, literally Google "How to defend DACA". Although I continue to be surprised at the ugliness of this administration, I also continue to be encouraged by the groundswell of support and love whenever some new bullshit comes out of the White House. Keep fighting, friends.