Has Your Frustration Become Your Comfort Zone? (Monday Inspiration)

Okay admittedly I got this idea from an episode of Younger, which if you don't know is a fantastic little ditty of a show starring Hilary Duff, Sutton Foster, and the IMPOSSIBLY hot Nico Tortorella, but literally none of that is to the point.

The idea is, have we gotten comfortable in our frustration? I don't know about you but there are one or two major areas of my life in which I have felt sorely frustrated. Failure after failure, disappointment after disappointment, rejection after rejection. And literally just now I was about to say "it's easy to get stuck in those spaces", but it’s not just easy, it's like, natural. That’s what humans do, we habituate. So when you're in the same awful situation for years, maybe decades on end, it makes sense that eventually some comfort develops there. Even if the circumstance is not ideal, at least it's predictable. We get used to complaining, we get used to feeling discouraged, we get used to being frustrated.

But when I heard that line on Younger, I was like oh shit, that is a Call to Action. That's an invitation to move, to make sure that even though whatever frustrating situation may persist, you do not let yourself rest in it. Grieve it, be frustrated, feel what you need to feel but also do something. Even if it’s small and the outcome is out of your control, even if it doesn't appear to change the situation immediately, it'll change your position in and maybe your perspective on it. And that's gotta be something.