Fashion Friday: Socks 'n' Sandals

So apparently sheer socks are like, a thing I'm into right now? I had a gift card to Lulu's and saw them and fell in LOVE — mind you I have not had the inclination to don decorative socks since I was maybe six years old. But something happened, I couldn't get them off my mind so I ordered them but was then faced with the task: how do you wear these? Luckily some quick Pinterest searches inspired a few ideas — pairing with chunky open sandals is a MUST obvi (I may or may not already be looking ahead to my holiday party circuit, don't worry about it). ALSO, super into the socks/pumps combo, I think it works with jeans but I really want to see it with like a denim mini or even just high waisted shorts. Alas, I dream. Anyhoo, check out my new cute socks below!

Woman wearing chunky heeled sandals, sheer socks, and gold pleated velvet skirt from Top Shop
Woman sitting on curb wearing Madewell t-shirt, Urban Outfitters ripped jeans, and black pumps
Black woman walking away from old yellow car wearing ripped jeans and t-shirt
Black woman stepping off curb wearing chunky heels, sheer socks, gold pleated velvet skirt #streetstyle
Woman's legs in street wearing jeans and pumps

Skirt: Top Shop | Socks: Lulu's | Chunky Heels: ? Like, maybe | Tee: Madewell | Jeans: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Mimi & Red