Birthdays and Bon Voyage

Hi friends!! First things first I wanted to share with you guys pictures from my 90s themed bday party last weekenddddd. We had neon, we had acid washed jeans, we had fanny packs-- and that was all in one outfit! But really my friends showed TF out, and I didn't look so bad either if I do say so myself. 

Pics will be down below but before you holler at those, I alsoooooooo wanted to let you guys know that I'm dipping out for a bit! Headed back to Nigeria to visit family and chill HARD. So next week there won't be a post, imma try to stay up on my Instagram but who knows if that's a real thing. SO. In case this is it for a week or so, I love you all, hope everyone has a great beginning of June, and here are the pictures from my birthday in case you start to miss me too much. Byeeeeeee!!