Spring 2017 Mood (Board)

Hello my pretties! Okay so my original idea for this week was to show you guys some of my favorite #LooksForSpring, but it rained and I couldn’t find a photographer and yadda yadda yadda whatever so insteadddddd I put together a mood board for what I’m feeling this new season! And let me tell you: it was SO FUN! If you have not yet created a mood board in your life, I highly suggest it. For anything! Birthdays, holidays, parties, days of the week... there is never a wrong time for a mood board. I used Canva to create it and got the photos from Unsplash, a free stock photo site. Check out my first ever mood board below! And hopefully next week I’ll get that photoshoot together for you cuties so you can see me rockin' some 'fits! XOXO, Gossip Girl.