First of all, how is everyone’s December going? Because mines been busy as ALL HELL #sweating. But as I've felt in constant motion, I’ve been thinking about how the world is also constant motion — when things are still for too long they die. There is life in movement as movement brings life, and energy is never destroyed, only repurposed. 

December’s often the nuttiest month of the year, between, parties, family visiting, seeing old friends, cuffing season (a thing I say but am only marginally sure of the meaning), there is a LOT to get swept up in.

But December’s also (IMO) the liveliest month. Lights, festivities, anticipation, newness on the horizon...

As we dive deeper into into the holiday season, as we stress over Secret Santa gifts and awkward family gatherings, what if we tried also remembering that all of this movement, this hustle and bustle, is a sign of a very vibrant and full life? What if we considered the richness of our places in it?

Balances out the scales a little bit, eh? I thought it might. Namaste y’all, and again, happy December!