Merry Christmas Tea

Merry Christmas everybody! I'm not sure how inspirational this is about to be but it's Christmas so we’re going to talk about Jesus. Buckle alllllllll the way in. Or bail, but I really hope you’ll stay.

Okay so I went to church with my mom yesterday and the pastor seemed to be offering his best sales pitch to the congregation. He urged us to “try” Jesus. Which in effect meant, attend his church (obvi) from January to March and see if that/Jesus won’t "make your life better".

And I’m like... does Jesus “make your life better”? I mean sure, but maybe we need to be more careful about what “better” means, because Jesus isn’t a fad diet or a New Year's Resolution. 

Too many of us come to Jesus like he's a genie — we expect more money, more happiness, more ease, and we don't expect transformation. We don't expect dark nights of the soul, confusion, breaking, periods when we feel abandoned and/or forgotten by God. And then we get mad because we're like, "It's been [x amount of months/years] Lord! Where's my big house? Where's my sweet ride? Where's my hot ass spouse who loves you but loves me a little more? Where's my American Dream?" (*sips tea I'm not ready to spill yet, but girl it's coming.*)

Jesus can make your life “better” but I can almost guarantee the journey will not look the way you’re imagining. Hence the quotes, because I’m not even convinced Jesus’ affect on a life is measurable by any metric we have, let alone the word “better”. And no matter what the measure of the effect, I can also almost guarantee the change won’t happen in your timetable. Some change might. But it won’t be the end of the story for sure, because Jesus is invested in this life and beyond it.

So I dunno man, I don't know where you're at with Jesus right now because that's between the two of you. But if you’re about to come to him, or even have no interest at all, all I'm saying is “trying” is not really on the table. Nor is a 3 month trial membership. Your relationship will happen (or not happen) as it does. And however it transpires, I hope peace for you.

Merry Christmas y’all.